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Educator | Writer | Coder

Phd in Economics and Policy; studied engineering and business management; worked in federal Policy Analysis and academic research; taught undergrad and graduate courses to diverse classes of students from over 70 countries.

Working on a book that bridges economic history and natural history, connecting the state of knowledge across news beats, science disciplines and historical periods - a primer of sorts for generalists who would not be replaced by machines in the next decade.

Abridged excerpts from the book research feed a youtube channel.


Distinctive expertise in designing and delivering courses at the intersection of economics, policy and business, with a dash of science. Below is a selection of slides from some of them. [Click a title to see the corresponding slide below.]

Writing Policy Memos

Multinational Companies in International Relations

Strategy, Technology and the Environment

Lessons from Economic History

New Insights from Evolution


Ongoing leisure pursuits to be something more than an amateur web developer. Below are examples of some edutainment game apps. Neither this website nor the games below use any frameworks, libraries or plugins. All code is home-baked, while attempting to be screen-responsive to the last detail, and aiming for a perfect 100 Lighthouse score. The games are even written 'declaratively' in the markup, with Pod JS, a single thrifty Class. All source code at Github.

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